Dinosaurs take over Grey Roots

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Dinosaurs Unearthed from June 6 to September 7, 2015 at Grey Roots Museum and Archives

Tyrannosaurus rex juvenile – Grey Roots – Owen Sound, Ontario
Photo Credit: Neil Tamboline

Feathered T.rex

Each of the life-like animatronic dinosaurs has been custom designed and handcrafted by a team of paleo-artists using the best available data from paleontologists. Accurate to how scientists believe each dinosaur looked and sounded, the animatronic dinosaurs are developed using technology that ensures smooth, life like motion.

Dinosaurs Unearthed inspires curiosity and captures human fascination with dinosaurs at an exciting time in history. In what is being referred to as the second ‘golden age’ of dinosaur discovery, paleontologists are uncovering and identifying new species at an unprecedented rate. These new discoveries are continually challenging common understanding and bringing new information about the prehistoric past to light.

Recent media coverage:

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