Indoor Dinosaur Experiences

Our story-driven exhibitions combine life-sized animatronic dinosaurs, full-scale skeletons, intriguing fossils, interpretive content and interactive activities. Designed and handcrafted by a team of experts, our displays deliver a complete picture of dinosaur discovery.

Indoor Exhibition Packages

When it comes to exhibition design, we know that one size doesn’t fit all. Each venue and audience is unique, and so are each one of our exhibitions. That’s why we first create packages around story-driven themes, then custom tailor the experience to the individual needs of our clients.

Our Indoor exhibition packages typically include:

  • Animatronic Dinosaurs
  • Feathered Animatronic Dinosaurs
  • Full-sized Skeletons
  • Fossils
  • Interactive Activities
  • Excavation Site
  • Interpretive Content
  • Decor and Landscaping
  • Large Format Wall Graphics

Learn more about the individual features of our exhibitions.

“We are very excited each week to see that we exceed visitor projections by 50 to 100 % each week. One telling way we know the exhibit is a success: repeat visitation and increased memberships.“

Marise McDermott
President and CEO
Witte Museum
San Antonio, Texas

15,000 sq ft Exhibition

This blockbuster exhibition features animatronic dinosaurs – including feathered animatronic models – full-sized skeletons, fossils and interactive activities. This experience weaves together the story of recent dinosaur discoveries and their link to modern day birds. It includes an historically significant collection of feathered fossil replicas, the largest collection available for display outside of China.
With great flexibility in size and arrangement, this exhibition can be staged either indoors or through a combination of indoor and outdoor space.

Extreme Dinosaurs (10,000 sq ft)

Extreme Dinosaurs presents the many “bizarre” aspects of dinosaurs and the natural forces that make them spectacular. Watching animals alive today helps us imagine how dinosaurs might have lived. From them, we’ve learned that there’s always a good reason for a bizarre characteristic – usually to stay alive or to attract a mate.
With great flexibility in size and arrangement, this exhibition can be staged either indoors or through a combination of indoor and outdoor space.

5,000 sq ft Exhibition

This showcase of the Mesozoic Era highlights dinosaur species and discovery stories from Asia and North America. Through engaging storytelling and direct comparisons of fossil evidence, guests discover the latest scientific facts and theories about their favorite dinosaurs.

6,000 sq ft Exhibition

The story of the connection between dinosaurs and modern day birds unfolds through this stunning display of feathered animatronic dinosaurs and an historically significant collection of feathered fossils. The guest experience is completed with three life-size skeletons in this showcase of modern discoveries.

“We experienced a healthy increase in attendance by partnering with Dinosaurs Unearthed. The Dinosaurs Unearthed team was a pleasure to work with.“

Julie Moskalyk
Senior Manager
Dynamic Earth
Sudbury, Ontario

2,000 sq ft Exhibition

The discovery of one fossilized bone can be the start of an amazing story about a particular creature from long ago. This experience presents a number of fossils and animatronic dinosaurs to highlight how discoveries and meticulous research continue to enlighten us about prehistoric species. Showcasing a range of dinosaurs from the Jurassic and Cretaceous Periods, this 2,000 sq ft exhibition delivers a larger-than-life, memorable and interactive guest experience for smaller spaces.