Animatronic Dinosaurs

Recreating a 25 ft Tyrannosaurus rex is no easy task. That’s why our animatronic dinosaurs are created using highly customized technology and are the most realistic your guests could ever see.

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We are proud to offer our clients one of the most extensive and comprehensive fossil collections in North America. Detailed impressions of skulls, bones, eggs, coprolites, stomach contents, skin and feathers provide clues to what dinosaurs looked like, as well as how they behaved.

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Our skeletons look like they’ve just been dusted off at a dig site. The impressive collection ranges in size from small, winged dinosaurs and aquatic lizards to large theropods and a 68 ft long sauropod.

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Feathered Dinosaurs

In the last decade, the discovery of feathered dinosaurs in Liaoning Province, China has shifted popular thought and caused paleontologists to re-evaluate the appearance of dinosaurs around the world. Stand next to a full-sized, feathered Gigantoraptor or Sinosauropteryx and you’ll see why feathered dinosaurs fascinate.

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Interactive Activities

Among the animatronic dinosaurs, skeletons and fossils, guests will find interactive podiums, tactile touch kiosks, push-button video displays, computer stations and consoles where they can control and explore dinosaur movements.

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FACT: Our largest content wall is close to 12 ft high and 40 ft long.