Feathered Dinosaurs

The story of feathered dinosaurs fascinates audiences and is an impressive visual spectacle in our exhibitions.

Feathered Dinosaur Collection

The story of feathered dinosaurs is showcased at Dinosaurs Unearthed through life-sized animatronic dinosaurs, an exclusive collection of feathered fossils and the most current scientific findings.

Our exhibitions illustrate that some of our favorites were actually feathered for warmth or display. The animatronic dinosaur collection includes a life-size, feathered Gigantoraptor, Sinosauropteryx and T. rex juvenile, each of which are designed and crafted by hand.

Shifting Perspectives

In the last decade, the discovery of feathered dinosaurs in Liaoning Province, China has shifted popular thought and caused paleontologists to re-evaluate the appearance of theropod dinosaurs around the world.

The fossils discovered in Liaoning were exceptionally well preserved, which has allowed scientists to draw significant conclusions about feathers, color and environmental influences.

The discovery has drawn the fascinating connection between ancient dinosaurs and modern birds. Scientists have found that feathers first evolved as a means of warmth and display and later became specialized to the extent that flight was possible.