When it comes to creating outstanding exhibitions, we like to think big. And thanks to our industry partners and associations, we’ve been able to deliver big.

Client Partnerships

From the creation of interactive consoles to the development of new exhibitions, we’ve engaged the expertise of our clients on special projects around the world and are proud to call them our partners.

Cincinnati Museum Center
Science World
Cedar Fair Parks

Henan Geological Museum

The new 63,430 sq ft museum in Henan, China, exhibits 50,000 different specimens, including the large Ruyang fossils currently on loan to Dinosaurs Unearthed. A delegation from the museum recently came to North America to tour Dinosaurs Unearthed and Dinosaurs Alive! projects in Calgary, Toronto and New York.

Institute of Vertebrate Paleontology and Paleoanthropology

As one of the world’s premiere paleontological institutions, IVPP has more than 2,000,000 catologued fossil specimens and is home to top paleontologists, such as Dinosaurs Unearthed advisor Dr. Xu Xing.

Industry Associations

Dinosaurs Unearthed is an active member of the following associations: